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Unreal Engine 4.10 Finally Released

Created on Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015 20:52:17

In the midst of November 2015, Epic Games published a new release of their well-known game engine - Unreal Engine 4.10 - with important updates for Virtual Reality.

Release accommodates a host of new features and improvements that guarantee stability and fixing of known problems. Developers said goodbye to hundreds of failures and errors, made a lot of betterments and updates for almost every target platform. In this release, precise attention was given to Virtual Reality, for which Epic seriously optimized rendering in HMD.

Brief Overview

Unreal Engine 4.10 ReleaseThe latest release is full of new tools, features, and improvements that significantly increase Unreal Engine’s stability. In addition, Epic Games focused its strengths on bug fixing and provided updates for all target platforms and devices. Unreal Engine 4.10 now shows more astonishing virtual reality performance. Besides, from now on programmers can apply Visual Studio 2015 in Windows-related project development.

For Mac OS, the whole XCode system has been revised in order to ensure more productive Unreal Engine development capacities and support of the most recent SDK. The release contains hundreds of updates, and fifty-three of them were suggested by the community of UE devs on GitHub. Epic thanked all enthusiasts and listed their names and nicknames.

Major Features and Updates


Full support of refractions effects across all supported mobile platforms


Improved Virtual Reality rendering

VR projects are now rendered faster by optimizing the game engine for glasses. Hidden and Visible Mesh optimization feature has belittled the spending of the graphics resources VR-rendering mechanism. The largest performance increase is expected on consoles.


Visual Studio (VS) upgraded

VS 2015 is standards-compliant and supports C++ language features.


Material Quality system for mobile platforms allows to customize the quality of a game for modern smartphones, as well as for old ones


Major platform updates and SDKs

  • Epic Games announced support of 0.8 SDK Beta for Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Mobile SDK extended to 0.6.2 version
  • UE4 supports Xbox One XDK and is compatible with VS 2015
  • Developers of PlayStation 4 projects can integrate with SDK 3.00
  • iOS expanded to SDK 9.0
  • Xcode runs on 7th version
  • Working with OS X is now possible by using SDK 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Android Marshmallow 6.0 support
  • Linux / SteamOS secondary updates and major bug fixing

Improved Motion Controller

The position of the controller from now on is updated twice per frame, which makes the virtual world more responsive and realistic.

Explore more features by visiting Unreal Engine official blog.

What It Means for Developers

The latest updated Unreal Engine 4.10 version made it more than ever suitable for numerous game development with amazing graphical capabilities, including AAA games. The Program-Ace team advise developers to explore new astonishing capacities of stable release and immediately start working on an original project.

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