Corporate Retrospective: 2021 in Review

A brief look at the amazing things that happened at Program-Ace in 2021.
Dec 29, 2021
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As winter takes hold and daylight dwindles, we prepare for the arrival of the new year. But first, let's look back on how Program-Ace went through 2021 and all the interesting developments that took place.

Big Changes

We are proud to say that our company is experiencing strong and consistent growth, both in the number of clients and our team in general. This year, we hired dozens of talented new specialists, allowing us to tackle projects even greater in scale and complexity than we ever faced before. Needless to say, we enjoy the challenge!

Another organizational change that took place was a move to a new location. Our office was relocated to an exquisite white three-story building overlooking the river bank and some of the best views of the city center.

Program-Ace office

Though most of our staff continue working from home, they always have the option to drop in and do some work in a cozy and light-filled environment. In any case, team productivity has remained great and everyone seems highly motivated to take on new endeavors.

Exciting Events

While 2020 did not have much in terms of public events (for obvious reasons) and opportunities to connect with the broader dev community, this was flipped on its head in 2021. We were highly involved in the community, and it was a thrill to meet and interact with business leaders and newcomers alike.

For example, we were psyched to take part in the Energy 4.0 conference, a three-day event that featured presentations from representatives of major global brands and corporations. It was hosted online and focused on digital transformation, a topic near and dear to our company. Our CTO Denis Potapenko was a keynote speaker and talked about how training & simulation solutions fit into the rapidly-developing “metaverse”.

The role the Metaverse in training & simulation development - Denis Potapenko, CTO at Program-Ace

We also want to mention how our Program Director Nick Shemshur took part in an interview for Amplifyre. Amplifyre is a company that covers digital transformation in their regular interview series and AskTheHub initiative, which feature insights from business leaders across various industries. We were thrilled to share our knowledge, specifically talking about the ways how immersive tech creates business value for ordinary companies.

Industry Contribution

Forbes Technology Council Member

Finally, we want to point out that our CEO Oleg Fonarov was a frequent contributor to Forbes Technology Council, a subset of Forbes publications that includes insights and key information from business executives that have reached a substantial level of prominence and recognition in their respective technologic fields.

Our publications have covered multiple topics, including training through simulation, product configurators, outsourcing, and mixed reality. It is a great honor for us to have this opportunity to share experience accumulated by our company over the years and help businesses make smart choices. We have another article in the works pertaining to the Metaverse, so stay tuned and follow our page.

New Vectors of Development

In 2021, we leaned into our strengths (in terms of expertise), while also opening up new vectors of development.

At the moment, virtual training solution development, product configurators, and immersive solutions remain top priorities in our work and make up a significant portion of our active projects. We see these vectors growing rapidly, and there is so much opportunity for them to expand in terms of functionality and adoption around the world.

NFTs solution

As for new vectors, we see great potential in NFTs and Metaverse solutions. Our company has already begun building our expertise in these burgeoning fields, and plan to continue growing them in 2022, on top of our existing priorities. It is so exciting to think what kind of new-age solutions might be commonplace in 5-10 years!


2021 was especially fruitful for our company in the recognition we received.

IAOP global outsourcing 100 2021

Speaking about our contributions and achievements in the field of outsourcing, IAOP (the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) honored us with inclusion in the “Global Outsourcing 100” list. The list is an assortment of the 100 companies all over the world who had the most positive impact through their outsourcing services. This is the fifth straight year that we have made it onto this coveted list!

Clutch Top Development Companies 2021

We were also honored with awards by Clutch, a research agency that tracks and analyzes tens of thousands of companies and agencies, also hosting reviews and detailed information about the companies. The awards we received this year were “Top 1000 B2B Company” and recognition as one of the leading AR/VR development companies.

Because they have over 2300 immersive tech companies listed, our inclusion in the Top 15 is a big deal, indeed.

Parting thoughts

2021 was a spectacular year for our company, and we sincerely hope that the same sentiment applies to you. We want to thank our customers for their continued support and pledge to continue bringing them only the finest solutions, which they deserve. We are also thankful to everyone else who has supported us, engaged with our team, and opened up new opportunities. It is truly a gift to be a part of this superb industry.

As we head into 2022, we hope to see continued growth and broadening of horizons, both at our company and yours. Wrapping up, we want to share a collaborative clip filmed with most of the Program-Ace team featuring our warmest wishes and holiday greetings. Check it out below!

May the new year be prosperous and groundbreaking!

Happy New Year 2022 from Program-Ace

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