Middle 3D Artist (Blendshapes)

We are currently looking for a Middle 3D Artist (Blendshapes) for a project with a popular football simulator.

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About us:
    Program-Ace is an innovative company specializing in software development, particularly in the fields of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), games, and applications. We are leaders in our market segment and constantly seek talented professionals who want to join our team.
About the project:
  • Project Description: A football simulator where the main task will be to create facial blendshapes for real football players.
  • Duration: Several months.
  • Team: 1 artist.
Our advantages:
  • Opportunity to work in a leading company. Global Top 100 Outsourcing company according to IAOP (award based on client feedback on our services), Top AR/VR company according to Clutch;
  • Among our clients: Supermassive Games, Flying Wild Hog, Epic Games, Unity Technologies;
  • Over 30 years of history, impeccable reputation, and a powerful portfolio;
  • Working with like-minded individuals who are passionate about their work.
What you need to join us:
  • Proficient in using Maya/3ds Max or ZBrush;
  • Experience in creating a set of realistic cat blendshapes;
  • Portfolio or practical work demonstrating expertise in facial anatomy creation;
  • Ability to transfer necessary facial features from real individuals onto blendshapes (all under the context of realism);
  • Clear understanding of blendshape blending algorithms (knowing in which cases and with which blendshapes or vertex groups an axis of movement is allowed to prevent breaking emotions during blendshape mixing).
Tasks you will work on:
  • Creation of a set of facial blendshapes for realism (reference should be based on real football players, taking into account their facial features; currently, there are approximately 20 to 30 heads with an existing set of facial blendshapes of around 60);
  • Blendshapes don’t need to be created from scratch; they need to be corrected;
  • Facial animation should work correctly on all heads with an identical set of blendshapes (considering the facial features of each specific football player);
  • Skinning of the heads onto a prepared skeleton will be required.
How do you manage your work time?
  • We offer a flexible work schedule coordinated with your manager; business hours when everyone is required to be available are from 11:00 to 16:00.
  • Remote work from anywhere in Ukraine and the world.
Hiring process:
    Recruiter call → Test task → Technical interview.
Send your resume and become an important part of our team!
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Valeriia Karasenly

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