For individuals

Monetize Your Networking
Having good personal business connections?
This is enough to earn good money with our referral program
Even your single recommendation can make you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, since we are ready to pay you a huge share of the profit just for the lead.

We highly appreciate your connections. When you give us a reference, we do our best to execute the project, and to let you earn your money.

Works Best For
This simple but effective program is specially designed for individuals who at least sometime come across
IT opportunities
IT consultants
Your customers are in dire need of new technologies and software - advise them the right contractor. Expand your services with technology consulting.
Business consultants
Combination of business consulting and IT consulting is a main trend on the moment. You are already in the right position for success.
Professionals in Sales, Marketing, Bizdev
Use your expertise to find clients for IT projects and get the best monetary return.
Top managers
Look back at your business and personal connections. There are dozens of potential customers among them who trust you. Do them a favor by the right recommenation and make money for yourself.
You communicate and make friends with other entrepreneurs - help them by recommending the right IT partner.
Opinion leaders & Networkers
Just let your contacts know you are working with an innovative software development company. So that when they have a need, they will ask you first.

Any other individuals, who have relevant opportunities

How it works?

The main idea is quite simple – you may simply introduce us to your contact, or handle the entire sales process. We will provide full support: portfolio, consulting, tech support, participation in meetings and valuation on a pre-sale stage. So, the whole process step-by-step:
Register in a Partnership Program
Fill out the form on this page or contact us directly by e-mail to Our partner manager will contact you. When approved, you will be provided with all the required marketing materials and technical support.
Register your opportunity on the Partner Portal
When you get an opportunity, send us a registration form. Our team will contact you for details and cooperation during the pre-sale stage.
Track the deal stage and get paid
Once the project starts, we will update you on all the statuses, including all payments. Every time a client pays us, we pay you your commission. Before the first payment to your bank account, we conclude an official partner contract.

How much you can earn

You get up to 50% of the gross profits from all transactions on your clients. Since this is not a typical fixed percentage of revenue, your profit increases much more significantly if the sale is made at a higher rate. Profit is calculated as the difference between the hourly rate for sold services and the base hourly rate (costs). It is then shared according to the defined proportion (see the table below). Partners share depends on the contribution to a sales process and the annual sales volume.

Reseller commission

Stage, covered by the Partner/Stage result
Sales process is entirely managed by the Partner
Partner elaborates provided contact list and than manages opportunities
Partner manages negotiation with the provided lead
Partner generates leads basing on his own contact list
Partner generates leads basing on provided contact list
Contact generating/Qualified contact list
Lead generating/Request for proposal + + + +
Pre-sale/Signed contract
Partners share in profit 40% 30% 30% 20% 10%
Partners share in profit after USD 1 mln. of cumulative annual sales

Profit Share Calculator

Get an estimation of your Profit, depending on project size, hour rate and reseller commission
Comission calculator
Team size, dev
3 Small
10 Medium
30 Large
100 Huge
Hourly rate, $
Duration, mo
Reseller commission
10 %
30 %
50 %
Your profit, mo
100 $
Your profit, total
100 $
Partner Benefits
We are seriously interested in your success and provide you with a set of support options
Marketing materials
decades of our expertise, rewards and relevant case studies are at your service to support your sales efforts
Partner Success Team
every time you have questions or proposals, our channel teem is in your disposal
Joint sales calls
when you have good opportunity but not enough expertize on the specific topic, you can engage our sales and tech specialist for the joint call
Client services development Project valuation
our business analysts provide you with the detailed and transparent valuation for a substantive discussion with your client
Partner trainings & workshops
for the most involved partners, we conduct special events to help them improve their efficiency
We have even more advanced options for our official resellers program, but generally the referral program is the fastest way to start!
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