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Magic Leap Workshop

This platform is transforming the way teams collaborate, utilizing AR for brainstorming, prototyping, and presentations.

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Amplify Collaborative Capabilities with AR

Welcome to the new era of collaboration with Magic Leap Workshop, enhanced by Program-Ace's technical expertise. This platform transforms teamwork by enabling seamless in-person and remote collaboration in an immersive environment. Teams can explore, interact, and refine projects from anywhere, improving on traditional video conferencing with versatile workflows.

Equipped with the latest Magic Leap devices and supported by Program-Ace's customization capabilities, Magic Leap Workshop is your solution for innovative brainstorming, prototyping, and presenting.

Magic Leap Workshop Use Cases

This list showcases Magic Leap Workshop's capabilities in transforming team collaboration and project visualization through augmented reality.
Immersive Presentations
Craft captivating presentations using custom 3D objects, multimedia files, and interactive elements.
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Utilize shared virtual spaces for team projects, promoting effective teamwork regardless of physical location.
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Employ 3D models and data for complex concept visualization, enhancing understanding across teams.
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Idea Generation
Leverage 3D whiteboard sessions with annotation tools to spark creativity and collective problem-solving.
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Virtual Prototyping
Import assets from design tools and 3D programs to construct and refine virtual prototypes efficiently.
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Work Review & Feedback
Use annotation tools for feedback and compare different iterations side-by-side for improved decision-making.
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Spatial Planning
Plan and visualize spatial layouts in true scale for offices, retail spaces, and more, optimizing use of physical areas.
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Geospatial data visualization
Experience an interactive map with live data layers for 3D business data visualization.
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Icons environment operational training blue Immersive Presentations
Icons communication and conflict resolution blue Collaboration
Product digital twin icon Visualization
Icons soft skills training blue Idea Generation
Icons process simulation Virtual Prototyping
Icons hard skills training blue Work Review & Feedback
Icons hard skills training blue Spatial Planning
Icons collaborative training blue Geospatial data visualization

Benefits of Using Magic Leap Workshop

Engagement and reach icon Revolutionize Teamwork with AR
Magic Leap Workshop uses AR to enhance collaboration across all team activities, from prototyping to presentations, improving team communication and project efficiency.
Visualization icon Break Geographic Barriers
Workshop offers a shared, immersive experience that supports both remote and local teamwork, making it easier for everyone to visualize, interact with, and refine projects in real-time.
Customized virtual learning icon Augment Meetings and Creativity
Transforming traditional meetings with AR, Workshop enables tangible interaction with models and concepts, enriching the collaborative experience and speeding up the development process.
Marketing icon Streamline Workflows
By integrating AR into daily workflows, Magic Leap Workshop elevates brainstorming, prototyping, and presentations, boosting creativity and efficiency in group interactions.

Core Features

Limited client engagement icon
Collaborative User Capacity
Supports 2 to 10 users for seamless remote and in-person team collaboration.
Low user interaction icon
Dynamic Map Canvas
Visualizes live geospatial data with scale, manipulation, and teleportation features for detailed insights.
Addressing industry specific challenges icons
Flexible Blank Canvas
A versatile workspace for importing and utilizing 2D images, 3D models, PDFs, and videos in diverse meetings.
Accelerating implementation icons
Advanced Annotation Tools
Offers drawing, arrow, and pin tools for expressive visual communication and marking.
Accessibility barriers icon
3D Object Manipulation
Enables precise scaling, rotating, and repositioning of virtual objects in 3D space for real-world overlays.
Fostering a culture of ongoing learning
Interactive Screen Share
Allows sharing PC content directly into sessions through a Web App, enhancing collaboration.
Accelerating implementation icons
Enhanced Color Editing
Expands the Color Palette and includes color editing for primitive objects for more customization.
Fostering a culture of ongoing learning
Textual and Sticky Note Annotations
Adds note and text field annotations to enrich workshop scenes and session interactivity.
Understanding complex spaces icon
Animation & Multi-Select Tools
Features navigation for 3D models with animations and a robust tool for managing multiple objects efficiently.

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