AceRemoteProject (SRP) Case study


We developed a set of high-end business process automation tools for managing remote and distributed software development teams

Background Info

AceRemoteProject (AceRP) is a high-end business process automation (BPA) system for effective management of remote and distributed software development teams. The major advantage of this system is fully-automated project tracking and data exchange that allows keeping several distantly located offices closely connected throughout the whole product development lifecycle. AceRP makes it easy to create tasks, assign developers, exchange files, schedule important events, monitor milestones, and perform project analysis.

The system has been developed by the Program-Ace team as a proprietary product for internal use. It is an easy-to-use and highly secure solution that provides a convenient work environment for our engineers and clients.
Oleg Fonarov
Oleg Fonarov
CEO & Founder
Our primary objective was to create an easy-to-use software that would combine business process automation system and a comprehensive project management tool in one. AceRP makes it possible to manage remote teams as if they were sitting in the next room.
AceRemoteProject can help companies of any size, with or without any prior dispersed project management experience, cope with everyday project collaboration. Program-Ace can be proud of itself for creating such a comprehensive tool for modern business owners.
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Business Challenges

Workflow Automation
The primary goal, which led us to the development of this proprietary system, was a necessity to automate all the software development workflow in our company from project initiation to its further support and maintenance.
Estimation and Planning
A major goal of this solution was to enhance the process of project estimation and task management, as well as to support and automate the process of planning and reporting for multiple projects of the company.
Remote Access
One of our main goals was to create a secure system that would provide our team and clients the possibility to access the project information from anywhere anytime, whether you are in the office, at home, or anywhere else.

Approach and Solution

We developed a solution that allows carrying out close supervision and monitoring of separate project tasks and the entire project by providing the following tools:

  • Time management
  • AceRP helps to manage remote projects effectively and avoid the related risks. All members of the team can easily organize and control their task lists and see their work progress.
  • Task reporting
  • The system provides the users with an easy and effective reporting system with the ability to create daily, weekly, and monthly personal reports as well as team reports.
  • Team statistics & reports
  • Administrators have access to the detailed statistics of the team and individual stats for each user, which helps evaluate the team performance and track the staff overload.
  • Communication features
  • The solution provides an ability to create chat sessions for communication in groups, as well as to use voice and video communication.
  • Gantt chart
  • AceRP allows creating Gantt charts, which is a great tool that helps oversee how the project is going.
  • Information security
  • AceRP has a built-in role-based user account management system with secure authorization and authentication where each user gets exactly those rights that are necessary for his or her effective work. All the information is stored on our secure servers.
  • Event-driven organizer
  • The system has a convenient organizer with easy meeting scheduling and email alerts.
  • Client support module
  • AceRP provides our clients with easy access to the project information and all the related statistics and reports as well as with flexible communication tools.
  • Integration
  • The solution we developed has the ability of quick and easy integration with third-party systems, if necessary.
BPA system for outsoucing teams - AceRemoteProject

Technical Information

AceRP business process automation system has been developed by a team of five developers and three QA specialists. It took six months to deliver the ready-to-use product with full functionality.


AceRP is the best choice for software developers with active international contacts and is targeted at businesses with a dynamic project-based structure and frequent daily remote communication.
Outsourcing team
Outsourcing Providers
Proprietary project management system - AceRP

Value Delivered

Our team developed a multi-functional solution that improved business processes in our company and created additional value for our clients.
  1. The system allowed us to optimize the software development workflow and speed up the project delivery and its time-to-market by 30%;
  2. AceRP allowed us to increase the information security during the projects’ development and 100% avoid data loss, because all the information and source code is stored on our secure servers;
  3. The system allows the remote access, and it allowed providing our team members with a flexible schedule;
  4. This business process automation product allowed us to speed up the estimation process by more than 40%.
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