iQU Affiliate System Case Study

iQU Affiliate System

We developed a high-loaded platform for game publishing for iQU, a digital media agency, delivering more than 100M impressions per month

Background Info

iQU is a premier affiliate advertising network for game developers and publishers that serves hundreds of products and clients in a wide range of genres, including MMO, social, casual, and AAA games. The system delivers thousands of conversions and millions of impressions for such clients as Wargaming and Electronic Arts. Each day the iQU platform delivers tens of thousands of conversions, tens of millions of impressions, hundreds of millions of clicks.

From the beginning of the project, Program-Ace was involved as the sole development partner and continues to be the only party responsible for platform development, growth, support, and maintenance.
Reinout te Brake
Reinout te Brake
Program-Ace and work very closely together. It goes beyond a partnership; it is more like friends working side-by-side. Thanks to Program-Ace, is able to perform and reach the goals month after month. Two companies have developed a solid working relationship. All of this is only possible if you work with a type of companies like Program-Ace that understands the true value of the long-term partnership.
Simon Usiskin
Simon Usiskin
Managing Director & Co-Founder
The Program-Ace team have been knowledgeable, flexible and have provided an excellent backbone to our company with a very complicated platform.

Business Challenges

High-Loaded Solution
The main task was to develop a powerful system capable of handling enormous amounts of traffic and deliver millions of ad impressions for multiple campaigns every day.
Easy Integration
The client needed the integration of the game products with the platform to be seamless and easy. Also, we had to implement payment gateways, integration with business automation systems, etc.
As with any advertising solution, the iQU affiliate system needed an advanced analytics module to enable iQU customers to get all the needed insights from their campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

Approach and Solution

iQU invited our specialists to join the team to create its affiliate platform. iQU had already been running a set of their own gaming portals and thus had invaluable business relations and experience dealing with game developers and publishers all over the world. As a result, their strong business expertise and our technical capabilities made a splendid team, which resulted in the creation of a highly-popular and profitable product.

  • Targeting
  • We developed a module providing various targeting options and data intelligence rules that guarantee advertisers will receive only desired traffic.
  • Analytics
  • We created an analytical module for the platform that provides valuable insights about the campaign performance, A/B tests, and KPIs necessary for the advertisers.
  • Tracking engine
  • The platform has a built-in tracking engine which determines the sources of conversions and automatically delivers this information to publishers and advertisers.
  • Delivery engine
  • The ad delivery system of the iQU affiliate network connects thousands of publishers including gaming sites and portals, applications, social networks and supports multiple ad formats. Also, the system has a re-targeting feature that helps to increase the performance of campaigns.
  • Financial automation
  • The financial documents turnover (such as invoicing or issuing of revenue statements) has been automated to ensure the proper accounting capabilities for the users.
  • Third-party integrations
  • Various third-party systems for the business automation (Salesforce, Twinfield) and core functionality enrichment needs (CDN providers, white label integrations, etc.) have been integrated with the iQU system.
  • Multi-channel ad delivery
  • The system supports multiple channels of ad delivery and combines them into a single campaign to ensure a proper diversification of advertising tools, formats, and platforms.
  • A/B testing of ad creatives
  • One of the most interesting features of this advertising platform is A/B testing of advertising materials and automatic campaign optimization.
  • High-loaded system support
  • We’ve built a powerful backend system that’s capable of handling large traffic flows 24/7.

The beta-version of the system was running in the testing mode after six months of development and was presented to the public at the GamesCom fair. After the system was launched, we successfully transformed the beta-version into the mature and fast-growing self-sufficient business tool with 24x365 uptime and advanced functionality.
Innovative approach to enterprise solutions from Program-Ace

Technical Information

This affiliate platform has been developed by a team of six developers, two designers, and four QA specialists. It took six months to deliver the beta version of the platform and another six months to deliver the full functionality.
PHP HTML5 CSS3 Javascript MySQL NodeJS


This particular platform has been developed solely for game development market players; however, the platform architecture can be used to develop almost any affiliate advertising system.
Game Publishers
Game Publishers
Indie Development
Indie Developers
Program-Ace develped an affiliate platform for game publishing

Value Delivered

We created a powerful platform that eventually became highly successful on the market.
  1. The platform delivers 130M of advertising impressions and 1.5M conversions per month;
  2. The iQU system contributed into the success of such titles as FIFA 2016, Otherland, World of Tanks, and 2,000 other awesome games;
  3. iQU is one of the biggest advertising networks in the gaming sector with more than 12,000 affiliate partners all over the world;
  4. The platform is used by multiple indie studios, as well as by AAA companies such as Wargaming, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, BigPoint, Lockwood, and Ayzenberg.
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