realistic computer-based simulation for oil&gas

Oil Platform Simulator

Program-Ace built realistic computer simulation of an offshore oil platform to improve safety skills and practice emergency evacuation

Background Info

Our client, a well-known oil and gas company, was opening new offshore oil deposits, and therefore needed to hire and train a big team of staff. A realistic simulation and training application with safety instructions was an optimal solution within the given circumstances, and Program-Ace came as a suitable technology partner to develop this product.
The client needed an interactive, customizable solution as a response for increased demand for skills training and improvement under the conditions of high staff turnover and a big number of new employees, higher planning and management standards, risks for human health and safety in such a hazardous industry as Oil & Gas, and also due to the technological complexity of the new equipment and its frequent upgrades.

An Oil Platform Simulator has been developed by Program-Ace as a fully interactive and full-featured 3D solution by a team of 3 software engineers, 2 artists, and one animator with the help and guidance of industry experts provided by the client to make it realistic and to avoid inaccuracy within the simulation.

Business Challenges

Effective staff education
Our client needed an effective and reliable solution to be used for improving the quality of staff education. New employees who come to work at the offshore oil platform need to learn a lot, and the time is always limited. So, the task was to create a solution that helps hasten the education process and increases the quality of training.
Simulation of all processes
The main goal was to create a realistic life-like computer simulation of the offshore oil platform that would help management staff to learn all the processes and gather information for further process optimization and forecasting.
Easier emergency evacuation
One of the main tasks was to develop a solution with an interactive emergency evacuation plan and health and safety instructions to minimize the number of accidents, the risk of injury at the workplace and related costs.

Approach and Solution

We decided to use our proprietary R&D products - Ace3D Engine and Interactive 3D Simulation Framework because it allowed for easier customization and implementation of certain functionality.

To maximize realism and avoid inaccuracies, we invited an onsite client’s representative to provide an expert opinion during the development. As a result, we had a full-blown cross-industry team working on the project, which allowed deploying a comprehensive enterprise-level system with the following features:

The application is based on a real-time simulation of all the processes of the oil platform within the parameters set by the administrator.

3D environment planner
This feature allows seamless customization of the realistic environment with the ability to include industry-specific equipment items from the library, change weather and animation effects, etc.

Scenario planner
This tool enables the user to make changes to the default training scenarios or create user scenarios from scratch using the scenario unit library.

Bot editor
The application has an ability to use bots within the simulation, and bot editor is a tool that allows adding bots, creating new ones, changing their functions, etc.

Communication module
The training application allows communication between the participants.

Analytics module
This feature allows easy planning, data collection, and analysis of the training results.

Oil Platform Simulator provides an ability to adjust its features to any objectives and any audience.
innovative approach to training and simulation from Program-Ace

Technical Information

The Oil Platform Simulation application was created by a team of three developers, two artists, one animator, and three QA specialists. It took seven months to deliver the complete solution for the Windows platform.
Ace3D Engine C++ Microsoft SQL Server


The Oil Platform Simulator opens new possibilities — first of all, for offshore platform owners and operators, and executives working in the field of energy and utilities. Also, this product could be helpful for specialized training agencies and centers involved in the education and testing of specialists for the oil and gas industry, as well as for R&D centers developing technologies for the Oil & Gas industry.
Oil and Gas industry
Oil & Gas
Energy and Utilities industry
Energy & Utilities
Education industry
Reasearch industry
We deliver value to simulation and training

Value Delivered

The final product allowed to simulate the real working processes within the realistic environment of drilling platform’s daily operations, work out and test practical skills, plan and analyze the effectiveness of the emergency evacuation routes, analyze and compare the results of training participants.
  1. The Oil Platform Simulator allowed to successfully train more than 500 drilling platform employees;
  2. The frequency of accidents and work injuries was reduced by 43%;
  3. Customizability of the system allowed adjusting it to the needs of all the audience types — from drilling engineers to managers;
  4. The software enabled easier adoption of the new equipment, and the time for adoption was reduced by 27%;
  5. The analytics feature provided valuable information to be used for enhancing health and safety instructions, etc.


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