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Room Configurator

Program-Ace brings interior design to a new convenience level in a proprietary virtual application

Background Info

Room Configurator is an HTML5 application that enables user manipulations towards the interior, allowing to project the interior appearance of the room after wooden, metal, or plastic elements and parts are installed. Potential buyers can now explore and test any material, color, and texture components they would like to attach in a realistic virtual environment. Moreover, customers can also see all the detailed info about the planks before purchasing them, including the type of the wood or a color scheme.

Whether it's floor, ceiling, wall, or almost any other component, the interior can be extremely modified with a comfortable control panel, providing one of the best visualization experiences to provide potential customers with the actual indoor image beforehand. The application excels at simplifying the product placement system, allowing for the streamlined sales increase by illustrating commodities merged with the interior space.

Any user can easily take advantage of projecting their major room assets: hallway, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or a bathroom and get introduced to a fast and effective product cruising on various platforms.

Business Challenges

Cross-Platform Accessibility
The client wanted to approach a large audience size, so we made Safari, Chrome, Firefox, as well as iOS and Android fully compatible with our application.
Sales Optimization
Creating an attractive and simplistic experience was a necessary factor for spurring the customers to inspect and buy the products without leaving their houses.
Time and Cost Effectiveness
The application was designed to vastly reduce expenses for rent and labor services, as well as reducing the customers' time spent by instantly reaching the marketplace.

Approach and Solution

To develop Room Configurator, we chose HTML5 markup language due to the web nature of the upcoming product to enable the best performance on all the major browsers.

After an informative discussion with our client, we have been granted a kit of basic 3D assets to make them fully available for further users' manipulation when choosing which product they prefer. Another goal was to implement a whole array of features when picking up a certain material type, not only showcasing their texture and color, but also the price, and a built-in calculator for that matter. With these tools at our disposal, the Program-Ace team of professionals wanted to create an immersive configurator that would serve as a digital showroom to ensure a convenient and smooth shopping process, providing a number of major influence points for each room, where a customer could apply any type of furnishing and see what the results would look like.

With that in mind, we also had to secure the fast and stable site performance, given how saturated with complex 3D models it would be, dedicating a good amount of time for meticulous testing in a multitude of web environments.

As a result, a relatively small, yet efficient team of professionals has managed to deliver a full-blown product, thanks to agile methodologies and a well-planned development plan.
Innovative approach to product configurator development

Technical Information

Room Configurator has seen a fast-forward, yet compound production stage, involving 2 developers and took 2 months to produce, utilizing a suite of 3D assets provided by our client beforehand.
HTML CSS Angular JS Json Typescript PHP


Room Configurator was designed to become a proprietary Program-Ace tool for flexible product browsing and further modifying by companies or customers and can be easily implemented in such industries as:
Product configuraor for retail from Program-Ace

Value Delivered

After a meticulous discussion between both sides’ representatives and the development process, the final version of the product was set and ready to meet the following goals:
  1. Greatly reduced client's expenses on marketplace rent and staff count, cutting both numbers by 60% and 25%, respectively;
  2. Increased customers' engagement and satisfaction level by introducing them to the virtual examination and testing of products before they buy them;
  3. Helped client's company become recognized as a technically-advanced entity, therefore attracting the younger audience to the product;
  4. Created a flexible system that allows for further commodities addition and asset modifying for the client;
  5. Explored modern business opportunities by implementing a stable, profound cross-platform ecosystem for a large company.
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