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Skyglyph: Aerial Scouting Cloud Platform

Program-Ace & Skyglyph: Applying gamification, AR, MR, Big Data, and IoT solutions to bring innovation to agriculture and crop insurance

Background Info

Skyglyph is a European innovation-oriented start-up that provides custom and package solutions for farmers and crop insurance companies. Recognizing Program-Ace as one of the top solution providers in the agricultural sector, Skyglyph partnered with us to introduce an entirely new approach to interpret scouting data by integrating drones into day-to-day operations.

Our joint mission is to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of aerial surveying and easy access to a huge amount of data from various sources. Being an award-winning development company, our role is to help build a drone-based industrial solution to detect crop and infrastructure damages. This solution transforms drones into concise instruments to be deployed in a wide range of business-use cases.

Program-Ace's idea is to provide personalized agricultural advice not only based on localized information but also on visible crop characteristics, derived from a stream of pictures, videos, and other information gathered by smart IoT devices such as drones, environmental cameras, soil sensors, etc.
Victor Yermak
Victor Yermak
The great cooperation in sophisticated product development projects together with Program-Ace allows me to keep my nerves calm and achieve the best result on time. I highly recommend this innovative, well-organized, and goal-oriented company for cooperation.

Business Challenges

Penetration of Drones in Insurance
Five of the World's Top 10 Insurance Companies have started research projects with drones. Our main challenge was to extend the applicability of emerging technologies by creating a scalable platform to be used in farming and crop protection.
Combining AR, MR, and IoT
Program-Ace has faced the challenge to create augmented and mixed reality applications to display the data collected by drones and stored in the Cloud.
Big Data Analysis
Our team applied our extensive knowledge of the technology to create an application that analyzes large-scale data and helps businesses make more-informed decisions.

Approach and Solution

Together with our partner representatives, our development and analytical teams developed smart, scalable solution to help agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture improve yield, management practices, productivity, and profitability. The main focus of the Cloud-based platform is aerial image recognition and detection of different features in pictures: damages, risks, objects, etc.

Our solution uses a smart IoT (drone and sensory) technology to provide customized agricultural advice for specific crops grown by a farmer, based on localized weather and soil data, pests, and diseases and augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) to display the information in a convenient and engaging way. Besides the standard set of crop parameters set by Skyglyph, Program-Ace also advocated for incorporating potentially useful information, for instance, crop color, texture, and how the crop is growing over time. Moreover, an additional integration of analytical systems allowed our Cloud app to make a huge impact on the entire process of farming, empowering farmer’s incredible capabilities for health monitoring, precision agriculture, and even yield prediction.

In order to get the best experience from our solutions, farmers have to own at least one drone that will fly around the observed territory, take pictures of it, and catch even the slightest changes in the terrain. Then, the drone sends all the information to a special Cloud app developed by Skyglyph and Program-Ace. The powerful Cloud analytical system refines provided information and delivers statistics to the consultant company, where the solution for farmers will be developed and provided.

Another advantage for the end-user is augmented reality or/and mixed reality distance consulting. The AR principle “what I see is what you see” makes your decisions easier and faster as they happen in the real-time mode. These instruments provide consultant eyes-on-the-ground, empowering both them and farmers to recommend crop protection prescriptions and optimize agronomic decision-making.

Using the technologies such as IoT and Deep Learning to empower drones to take the business of insurers to a whole new level, we delivered a range of practical applications that allow for the regular, accurate collection of data from any source, which can, in turn, be used to transform underwriting and claims processing into far more objective and fraud-free procedures.
Drones in agriculture - Program-Ace

Technical Information

Our partnership with Spyglyph resulted in a range of successfully-delivered projects for many internationally-recognized companies operating in various verticals. The following technologies were used during the development and production stages:
Unity Vuforia ARToolKit OpenCV HoloLens toolkit Visual Studio Arduino Adobe After Effects


Program-Ace and Skyglyph are intended to improve the aerial scouting and industry consultant processing, improve maintenance procedures, reducing costs, and improving safety in a range of verticals, including:
Crop Insurance
Oil and Gas industry
Oil & Gas
IoT, Big Data, AR and MR in Agritech

Value Delivered

The partnership between Program-Ace and Skyglyph produced a Cloud-based platform that delivers the following benefits to its users:
  1. A 5 to 10 times speed-up of the claim measurement process;
  2. A reduction of surveying costs by up to 5%;
  3. The decrease in insurance payouts by between 15 and 30%;
  4. A big increase of the objectivity and precision of damage assessments;
  5. Easy sharing of the output to the stakeholders (farmers, crop consultants, farmer suppliers, etc.)


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