Trivia Hero case study

Trivia Hero

Program-Ace rebranded and redesigned a famous iOS trivia game to help attract new players, increase user retention, and generate more revenue

Background Info

Initially, the client came to Program-Ace team with an MVP of the game that had to be redesigned, rebranded, and re-conceptualized to fit the market's needs. The new version of the game had to have new characters, an enhanced level structure, and a more interesting narrative to increase user retention and engagement.

The users of the game have the ability to create and answer video trivia questions within a blitz gameplay that allows asynchronous playing and choosing between hero and villain characters.

Business Challenges

Freshen Gameplay
The old version of the game had poor user feedback due to its gameplay, which was not exciting enough for modern users, especially a young audience. So, there was a challenge for our game design team where they had to re-think the existing gameplay and offer a new, enhanced version.
Increase Engagement
The main problem with this project initially was low engagement and user retention compared to the alternatives. The Program-Ace team was challenged to make this game more exciting and interesting for players via new game design features, a better UI, etc.
Ensure a Fun Experience
The task of our team was to create a new spirit for the game to ensure users have a lot of fun while playing it. It was a real challenge not just for game designers, but also for artists, UI/UX specialists, and developers.

Approach and Solution

  • Sign up and Login
  • The very first thing users see in the app is a Login/Signup screen, where they can either login to an existing account or create a new one using an email ID or a Facebook account. In case the password has been forgotten, the user can request it to be sent to his/her email.
  • Lobby
  • After logging in, the user goes to a Lobby screen – a general welcome screen of the app with an icon-style navigation menu, a list of active blitz tournaments, and the current score. The user can create a new question, browse blitz categories, and join blitzes right from this screen.
  • User profiles
  • User profiles display current stats including questions answered, a book of characters unlocked, current coin score, and a friends list. There is the ability to sync the profile with either a Facebook account or an email address.
  • Blitzes and questions
  • Blitz is basically a series of questions related to a chosen category, in which the user has to answer within a limited time. Gameplay within the blitz is carried out as either solo play that allows the user to earn coins for themselves or a group blitz with a minimum of 2 participants. All users are allowed to create their own customized blitzes, where they specify whether the blitz is public or private, its category and duration, invite friends, and set up other options. Questions are created by the users in a video format in a Snapchat-like manner.
  • Coins and keys
  • Coins are earned by completing basic activity throughout the game. This includes answering questions within rounds, creating questions, filling out a profile, etc. Coins can be traded in for "expensive" items such as keys. Keys are used to unlocking characters and rewards such as re-dos, skips, elimination of wrong answers.
  • Characters
  • The game characters include heroes and villains. Heroes are assigned to each blitz category, and each hero is first achieved after completing a round in the category they are assigned to. Trivia Hero also includes characters that are villains that have to be "locked up" by the users when they reach a certain level.
  • Advertising
  • There is an option for users to trigger a video ad. Upon completion of watching the ad, the user is awarded a random item. This could be coins, question re-dos, question skips, wrong answer elimination, or keys.
  • In-app purchases
  • The app provides an ability for in-app purchases including bundles of coins, keys, special characters, skip-a-questions, elimination of wrong answers, re-dos, etc.
iOS trivia mobile game

Technical Information

The game was created by a team of three developers, one QA engineer, one UI/UX designer and one artist. The development took four months.
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This app has been created for young people to have fun by playing an intellectual game with each other; however, this type of app has big potential and can be used for educational purposes as a gamification solution for schools, training centers, and other educational institutions as well as by any business for staff training.
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Value Delivered

As a result, our team managed to deliver a full-blown trivia mobile game with interesting gameplay.
  1. The application was downloaded thousands of times in the AppStore;
  2. Our team completed the development on time and budget;
  3. User retention has been increased by 34% compared to the old version of the application;
  4. We implemented a monetization model that allowed to start generating revenue from the app;
  5. New gameplay and features allowed to increase the average time of play by 23%.
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