Exploring the Metaverse with Oculus Quest: A Gateway to Virtual Realities

This article will guide you through one of the most efficient paths — Oculus Quest metaverse development.
Updated: Feb 29, 2024
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Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, all the tech leaders have gotten deep into the metaverse, predicting this technology's promising future. But what are the prospects of the metaverse? Well, the gathered data and careful research showed that the metaverse was estimated to hit $800bn by 2024, which is skyrocketing progress for a fresh start.

Metaverse development has become the next big thing in global technological progress, so many entrepreneurs are considering joining this market. Thus, many crucial questions arise. How can you create a custom metaverse solution that’s best for your business? What hardware to choose? Should you opt for a professional metaverse development company or figure this out by yourself?

This article will guide you through one of the most efficient paths — Oculus Quest metaverse development. You will learn the essentials of profitable entering the metaverse, learn about the benefits and opportunities for your industry, as well as get the answers to the common questions above.

Metaverse On Oculus Quest: Why You Should Opt for this Development Type

In case you need us to brush up on what the metaverse is, this concept is an evolution of the internet as we know it. In other words, it’s a network of virtual worlds with complex infrastructure, and everyone can join it.

Since a metaverse is a mix of AR/VR technologies, users need specific hardware to have this experience. One of the most popular ways to do this it’s to join metaverse on Oculus Quest 2, an advanced VR device. In fact, some metaverses are also available on mobile platforms, yet it limits the user experience, making it like the use of a regular website.

So, what can your business get by choosing Oculus Quest 2 for metaverse development? You are welcome to explore the top opportunities that can open in front of your company.

The Level-Up for Your Business

Imagine that all the essential business processes you run on your computer can optimize even more. Metaverse can change how we work in many aspects, from virtual product design to avoiding bureaucracy and tons of paperwork with blockchain technology. Eventually, most of the working aspects can be improved in a metaverse, which will positively affect the general CoP (coefficient of performance).

Enhance Customer Experience

The way how business interacts with clients is a big deal, as your company’s success depends on it. Thanks to immersive technologies, you can bridge the gap between physical and digital experience, increasing customer satisfaction to 86%. Create virtual but true-to-life shops, add product configurators, and organize impressive presentations to open new horizons for your target audience, which will affect your company best.

Affordable Hardware

Oculus Quest is a wireless all-in-one VR device that can be used for various purposes. From carrying 34% of the VR hardware market share in Q1 2020, it took over 80% by the end of 2021. Quest has become a perfect fit for commercial projects thanks to an impressive quality-to-price ratio (since it’s one of the most affordable VR devices). Thus, combining Oculus Quest 2 and the metaverse is promising for any business.

Easy Event Management

Once remote work became a new normal, many employees experienced a lack of communication. According to the survey, remote specialists reported such problems as loneliness, isolation, etc. Luckily, the metaverse Oculus Quest 2 apps can combat these issues, as it allows conducting events with extended capabilities. Organize meetings, presentations, corporate training, and entertainment for your staff in order to increase their motivation.

The Next-Level Marketing

According to analytics, 1 out of 4 people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse by 2026. This means that advertising in the physical world is considered outdated, especially for the younger generation. In order to keep up with the times and spread the word about your company more efficiently, you can place ads in different metaverses and create your own promoting your brand and drawing the target audience there.

metaverse oculus quest

Building a Metaverse for Oculus Quest 2: Essential Steps

Metaverse app development for Oculus Quest 2 is a challenging process requiring skillful specialists, deep expertise in blockchain technology, and powerful software solutions like the Unreal or Unity metaverse. Still, having at least a general image of the main creation stages can be helpful.

  1. Explore Oculus for Developers. On the official Meta Quest page, software engineers can find plenty of material for efficient app development for this device. Most helpful resources are open source, like UE/Unity/native integration guides, as well as video tutorials. Your developers can also reach Meta for better cooperation.

  2. Create Content. Starting with interface design, focus on user experience since new technologies and immersive environments should be intuitively clear. Further, it’s time to create 3D content that will surround users. When creating metaverse characters, opt for an advanced tool in Unreal Engine called MetaHuman, as it allows very true-to-life avatar creation.

  3. Develop Smart Contract. In order to regulate financial relationships between your metaverse business and its users, developers should create a custom smart contract in addition to blockchain implementation. This technology also assures digital data and transaction security, making operations simple and smooth.

  4. Perform Coding. Create the IPFS (InterPlanetary file system) so your users can store and share digital data/files. All the other functionalities and scenarios should be recorded as code and connected with a database in order to operate like a single mechanism.

  5. Testing & Release. No matter how experienced and skillful your developers are, all the specialists are human, and it’s natural for them to make mistakes or miss the bigger picture. That’s why testers are looking for bugs in an accomplished software to fix them before release, preventing their effect on user experience.

The Use of a Metaverse App on Oculus Quest 2 in Different Industries

Building a metaverse for business opens plenty of opportunities for companies from various sectors. The use of Oculus Quest 2 as one of the most powerful and affordable devices at the same time also makes it possible to get a custom metaverse experience with no large budgeting necessary.

Due to this model’s capabilities, users can immerse themselves in a virtual world, move within the safe zone that’s defined by Quest 2, as well as use their hands and fingers in order to interact with the digital environment.

So, let’s look at the popular ways of metaverse Oculus Quest 2 app usage in top industries that are going digital rapidly.


metaverse oculus quest

Lucky for all humanity, the healthcare sector doesn't stop its development, not for a second. Innovative telemedicine has evolved and extended its capabilities by joining the virtual world that solves many problems of a physical one.
For example, patients don’t have to visit their doctor unless it’s an emergency. Wherever a person is, they can have a consultation in a metaverse, send some confidential medical data via a highly secured blockchain, and get prescriptions.
In addition, interns and medical students can have true-to-life training that involves 3D human body and organ models. Under the supervision of a virtual instructor, they can learn interactively and practice complex procedures like surgeries.

Real Estate

metaverse oculus quest

People who have sold/purchased property know how many challenges it’s possible to face in these processes. Besides tons of exhausting paperwork, clients must ride around dozens of locations to see an object in person.
With Oculus Quest 2, metaverse can solve all these issues, as customers can take hyper-realistic virtual tours, picking a suitable building. Additionally, in order to purchase a piece of land or property, it’s possible to simply buy a particular NFT, which gives a certificate of proven ownership rights.
Since metaverse transactions don't require paperwork, it’s a nice and easy way to avoid useless bureaucracy. Still, any financial operations are under high blockchain security, and this system is almost impossible to crack.


metaverse oculus quest

Any learning process, from school to professional courses and corporate training, hits a new level of efficiency when they occur in the metaverse. The immersive environment and interactive educational system allow students and trainees an ultimate experience.
A custom metaverse can represent a physical school class, a lab, or other surroundings, depending on a learning scenario. Specialists of different professions can dive deeper into some dangerous environments without harming their health.
In addition, a metaverse can contain libraries and other reading spaces with protection from destruction. Just like we use the internet, it’ll be possible to search and read some articles or other pieces of literature.


metaverse oculus quest

With the metaverse, users have multiple options to have fun. For instance, people don’t have to miss any more meetings with friends because of physical absence or sickness. By joining a virtual world with your friends from any location, it’s possible to go to the movies, attend a birthday party, have a ride on a roller coaster, etc.
The other popular field in metaverse entertainment is gaming. Users can play blockchain games of any genre, craft their own NFTs, fight enemies, and bread creatures. In other words, any entertainment provider can join the metaverse by opening their business in a virtual world.


metaverse oculus quest

When there's no opportunity to go on a vacation, people can take virtual tours to any country they want. Recreating a typical tourism experience, users can attend the most popular locations, take pictures, and visit museums. Realistic effects make it possible to interact with the virtual environment and observe impressive scenes.

Create an Outstanding Metaverse with Program-Ace

As you can see, the metaverse can offer promising opportunities to many kinds of businesses. In order to become one of the leading companies that target technological development, it’s better to create an outstanding metaverse that would impress. Luckily, you don’t have to be an experienced metaverse developer in order to get ahead of competitors.

With Program-Ace, a custom software development company, your project can reach the top of the market with no extra effort. Outsourcing a full-cycle metaverse development to our teams, you can focus on your brand while we cover the project creation. Moreover, you can hire dedicated specialists from Program-Ace to avoid long hiring processes, save costs, and always have the opportunity for quick employee replacement.

Reach out to learn about our services and get individual estimates.

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